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Themify Landing Theme – 23 Pre-designed Layouts

Looking to get more subscribers? Social media followers? Or just increase traffic to your site? Whatever your objective may be, Landing theme can help you design an effective landing page to increase your site conversion. It comes with Themify’s drag & drop Builder which includes all the tools you’ll ever need to make beautiful landing pages. Each page can have different header design by choosing from various header design options. To make it easier for you, the theme also includes 23 beautiful layouts which you can easily import to your site.

What I like best is the theme option panel and customization details. Without knowing any code I can change pretty much anything. Very intuitive once you get use to what’s there. What I don’t like so much is there are too many options. The average user might feel overwhelmed with so many options, so there is a basic (less options) customization option or you can just go with default options.

I would like to have been able to have my logo and my website title in the header. I would also like to have a second menu option and to place contact info above the header. The installation is easy: upload theme, import demo content, customize… The templates are a fantastic way to get lots of ideas without guessing how to do them. Just edit the demo content.

landing theme
Themify Landing Theme – 23 Pre-designed Layouts

Recommended Premium WordPress Themes- Themify Themes premium themes
Themify Premium WordPress Themes – View the gallery

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Themify Premium WordPress Themes – View the gallery

Recommended Premium WordPress Themes- Themify Themes

Themify Framework

Each theme includes our constantly improving Themify framework.

Drag & Drop Builder
The Themify Drag & Drop Builder lets you build pages on-the-fly, allowing you to instantly preview your changes live, on the front end.
Styling Panel
Themify Themes come with a robust and extensive Styling Panel, which allows you control every single detail of your theme.
Themify comes packed to the gills with proprietary shortcodes.
Themify Widgets are crafted to fill in the gaps that other WordPress widgets do not satisfy.
Auto Theme Updates
One-click auto theme update in admin panel, no need to download or FTP.
Logo Image
Establish your brand with customizable website logo text, or upload your own logo.
Custom CSS
Itching to add your own code? Throw in your own custom CSS in the Styling Panel.
SEO Optimized
Carefully coded with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in mind.
Custom Styling
Our Styling Panel allows you to style anything from font, color, and background.
Social Icons
Themify comes with Social Icons right out of the box, no need to find your own.
WPML Compatible
Translate or create a multilingual site with WPML plugin with Themify themes.
Transform your website into an online shop with WooCommerce, fully supported in Themify.
Google Fonts
Over 600+ Google Web Fonts can be selected for font styling.
Child Themes
Easily create your own customized Themify theme without editing the original themes.
Multisite Support
Create a network of WordPress Multisites that all share the same Themify installation.
Latest WordPress
Themify themes are guaranteed to work with the latest version of WordPress.

About Themify

Themify WordPress Themes

Themify themes

Responsive WordPress themes that are simple to use and customize. Every theme comes with the Themify framework, custom widgets, shortcodes, and documentation to help you easily customize your theme without any coding.

Themify Option Panel

Themify Customize (Old)

Watch this video on YouTube.

Themify Builder – Demo

Themify Builder – Overview (OLD)

Watch this video on YouTube.

Three FREE Themify themes:

Demo – Basic

The purpose of the Basic theme is to give you a starter theme so you can be your own designer. It only contains the basic layout styling so you can customize the theme with your own preferences using the Themify option panel. The layout is completely responsive. It works on any resolution on desktop and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The theme has similar functionalities as all our other themes such as the grid layout options, footer widgets, and social links, etc.

Demo – iTheme2

iTheme2 is a revamp of iTheme that was originally released by Nick La. Now with the Themify framework, it is even better and have more options. It is the perfect theme for technology & Mac related blogs. It uses media queries to target different displays such as desktop, notebook, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.

Demo – Koi

Koi is a simplified version of N.Design’s theme. It is an artistic theme and suitable for most personal blogs. Koi is one of the top used themes on The theme supports the WordPress 3.0 new features such as custom menus and child themes but is still backwards compitable with older versions of WordPress.

Recommended Premium WordPress Themes- Themify Themes

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Themify updated their cover photo.

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July 4, 2017 after an extensive search of reviewing hundreds of W/P themes. I choose the theme ThemeMin by Themify. The installation of a new theme is filled with anticipation, and great expectation. I approached the use and understanding of ThemeMin believing I have a fair understanding of W/P, hoping to breeze through the entire installation having the theme fully installed, the header, body, sidebars and footer looking good with the ability to blogs instantly. I choose the theme based upon the 4 slider feature images. I read and re-read different tutorials numerous times before diving into the installation. Presently placing the slider images in the location is giving me a Royal kick in my butt. I was very reluctant to create a Support Ticket, especially over the week-end. Of the 6 Companies I’ve used recently, with the exception of Optimum Press whose weekend Support is reasonable, the other 5 Companies Customer Support system, needs a serious overhaul. An experience, last Sunday evening with AP is a perfect insult to the word Customer Support. 6/27 I sent an Email and a Support Ticket, describing the help I needed. 7/1/17 still waiting a, reply. I attempted to use the CHAT session. Chat informed me, she’s busy with other clients, which is understandable. After a while, without music or without a generated phone operator to give courtesy or reassurance. I ended the session. Surprisingly I received an email, stating that I abruptly ended the session after 9:23 minutes. Being fully pissed off, I took time to write a detailed email informing them of ALL my experiences, their lack of Customer Support and informing them that I choose to end the Chat session because “I’m not dog pooh under the Agent’s shoe.” The Manager was very apologetic, spending time on 2 email apologies; without giving detail answers to the questions from my support ticket. I was in love with the theme, and was still going to use them. However, a host of unforeseen circumstances ensured I did not continue an association with AP. 7/2/17, I decided to start afresh, by purchasing the theme. First their login credentials failed, my personal email password failed, finally trying to fix W/P login error, following the instructions of the Rep, all my blogs were accidently deleted. For 1 ½ all backups failed and was unable to be retrieved. A hosting Rep paid me the finest complement by saying, “Donna you know your way around W/P well, but I’ll advise you to work with one of our Blogging Specialist to get what you want in your blog.” After running up a tab of Thousands of Dollars, I’m basically tapped out of additional funds to pay for hourly services. Having my butt kicked for 4 days by ThemeMin, I was especially reluctant to contact your Support staff, for instructions on how to install the sliders, especially after last weekend’s experience. Finally 7/7 Friday evening around 4:30 pm, I sent an email stating my problems. Surprisingly within a few hours I received a well written, constructive response to my questions, the 2nd response followed in the early am hours. The 3rd and 4th response followed on Sunday. After what I endured with AP, I was not expecting to get 4 detailed response especially during the weekend, I expected a reply Monday evening. Being new to the system, one email, asked for a snap shots of my horrible page design, good Lord!!! Those whose eyes fall upon it, please don’t judge, I’m a work in progress. I asked to move a Static feature, a different team replied asking me to state what I want and they’ll provide the assistance. Most amazing all the replies are from different Reps, each confirm the problem and provide the answer in a manner which shows genuine human concern and not machine generated answers. Themify for what I’ve endured for the past year and especially within the last week, I sincerely appreciate your kindness and the service from Customer Support. I thank you for remembering and understanding that the nature of technology, in the capacity used by bloggers, does not require us to sit in a classroom to learn technical skills. Instead diligently, we pay for online tutorials, we attend Webinars. Our heart, time and family is heavily invested in the success of our blogs for the Marketing of our product. The game AP played on me was cruel and unprofitable to them. In my research, I was captured by the display page of past Users. For this I am confident that with your service, by the end of this week I too will be able to fully complete the design of my blog. With confidence I’m thanking you in advance for your continued support and service in assisting me, to accomplish my goal. Sincerely

Themify updated their cover photo.

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Why Buy a Premium WordPress Plugin or Theme?

Customer Support
Developers offering premium WordPress plugins and themes tend to stand behind their plugins and provide good customer support. This is a rarity for free WordPress plugins or themes in most cases. A free product developer can’t really stand behind his product and answer your questions if he is not getting paid in some way.

Better Codebase
Free WordPress plugins or themes are sometimes developed by hobbyists who do not have a good grasp of WordPress’s coding guidelines. This can result in a poorly coded product with potential security holes.

Also, good premium products are usually developed by knowledgeable coders who keep the site performance in mind when developing the product. This ensures that your site’s performance won’t go down after you install.

Continued Development and Updates
Premium WordPress plugin and theme developers usually continue to update their products’ coding to fix bugs, add features and improve the overall design to keep up with current web trends. You usually get these updates for free.

Premium WordPress plugin and theme developers will also keep the product up to date with the latest release of WordPress. This ensures that you won’t get stuck with an incompatible product down the path and no chance of getting any help.

Competitive Edge
Premium WordPress plugins and themes usually offer more functionality and has superior back-end usability. This can give you an immediate advantage over your competitors.